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Fusion 10” Marine Subwoofer Single

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Increase the bass level of your music, or improve all-round sound quality by incorporating a marine subwoofer into your audio system.

Engineered for the marine environment and the perfect complement to your FUSION marine audio system. The MS-SW10 has a water resistant design and complies with ASTM standards for UV stability and Salt/Fog resistance, ensuring sustained high performance during prolonged exposure to the elements. With 400-Watts Peak output, the MS-SW10 will produce crisp and accurate bass.

It’s recommend you install a FUSION FM-402 amplifier to drive our Marine 10″ Subwoofer.

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Woofer Size 10″ .

Water resistant design for prolonged bass in all weather conditions .

UV Stable for added protection against harsh UV light .

Salt/Fog Resistant for added protection against salt/fog sea spray .

Peak Power 450 Watts

Mounting: Depth 11.5 x Dia. 22.2 cm / Overall Dia. 26.8 cm.

Frequency Response 30 Hz – 2 KHZ.

Impedance 4 Ohms .