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iAQUA X-Jet™ Xtreme

The all new iAQUA X-Jet™ Xtreme…The world’s fastest, most powerful, and most versatile electric surfboard.

UK RRP – £10,995.00 Inc VAT

Ideal for the both beginners and advanced riders alike with 4 power levels.
After pushing the e-board to nearly 70kph, professional e-board and wake-board instructor Craig Wright said: “there is nothing else out there that even comes close to the X-Jet. I’ve ridden them all and the X-Jet sets the new standard”.




Power Levels

With 4 power level settings the e-board is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders, offering four distinct power levels to accommodate different skill levels, or styles, from touring, to racing or freestyle acrobatics.


Protected by the LithiumVault™

iAQUA’s batteries are already the safest in the industry. Our cells are from CATL (the same company the supplies TESLA). We have now added extra protection from LithiumVault™, a Kevlar® jacket wrapped around the battery that contains an uncontrolled thermal runaway fire, and effectively reduces the severity of any lithium fire by up to 95%.


4 x Grab Handles

The e-surfboard is equipped with 4 carbon-fibre grab handles. Most other manufacturers save the expense of these, but these grab handles (two front and two rear) are crucial. First they facilitate easy carrying, or transportation/pulling the X-Jet™ on wheels front or rear. They also offer strong hold points for climbing onto the e-board, or holding and positioning it in choppy conditions or surf. Plus they are perfect grab handles when riding with your kids.


Range and Speed

On a single charge, the iAQUA X-Jet™ can cover a distance of more than 30 kilometres. Moreover, it’s renowned as the world’s fastest electric surfboard, reaching top speeds of 68 kph.


Class-Leading Hydrodynamic Performance

The X-Jet™ sets the standard again in hydrodynamic performance and ride stability. With 2 full length centre stabilising keels, and two full-length side reverse chines/fins built into the design of the board to give precise and safe straight line stability, and efficient power usage whilst planing. Every part of the boards hull has been designed for zero friction and lift through the water. Take the motor for example, it is completely shielded and enclosed within the body, for protection and hydrodynamic performance. If you release the throttle it will still glide through the water.


Powerful Jet Drive

Powered by iAQUA Racing Technology, X-Jet is equipped with a 20kW high-performace jet drive, fully enclosed for maximum hydrodynamic efficiency. Our closest competitor delivers just 11kW of power.


Adjustable Foot Holds

Supplied with two removable, fully adjustable and cushioned foot holds, facilitating quick turns and acrobatics for a thrilling ride.


2 + 1 Thruster Fin System

The e-surfboard is equipped with three fins. Two side glass fibre thruster fins, plus one deep carbon fibre centre fin. The two side fins are FCS second generation quick-release fin mount so you can also easily interchange with leading aftermarket fins. All three keep the board rock steady and true in a straight line or carving turn, and the deep centre fin allows you to turn sharply on the top of a wave. It’s the ultimate set-up for all conditions, and all surfers from beginners to experts. Many other manufacturers have missed out the centre fin as their engineers could not attach it due to the exposed design of their motor, but analysis and studies have shown this 2 + 1 system offers far greater stability and manoeuvrability than a twin or single fin setup.


Safety Features

As well as the present power levels, the X-Jet™ also includes a magnetic kill switch, enhancing safety by allowing immediate shut down of the e-board in case of fall. When you re-mount it takes just a second to clip the mag-mount back in.


Built-in Jet Drive Protection

The X-Jet’s high-performance motor is fully concealed and protected within the body of the board. Other boards have exposed motors which have three big disadvantages: 1. Firstly any collision with coral, a rock or even sand can damage or destroy the motor. 2. Very poor hydrodynamic performance and as soon as you release the throttle the jet drive acts as a brake. And, 3. With an exposed motor you cannot attach the main centre fin so you lose stability and control.


Sure-Grip Top Deck

The full-length padded top deck ensures a secure and comfortable grip, essential for maintaining balance and control, and comfort for long distance rides standing, seated or lying down. Take off the foot holds and its a comfortable deck for lying and seating, and great fun when two-up or having fun taking the kids for an adventure.


Low Weight

The e-board weighs just 23 kg, excl. the battery, making it one of the lightest in its category.


Class Leading Buoyancy

The X-Jet™ sets the standard again allowing up to 160kgs to be carried, which allows you to take two riders at the same time. Super fun for friends or to take your children.



Made from full carbon fibre, the surfboard is lightweight and also exceptionally strong, ensuring both performance and durability.

3,670Wh High Capacity Battery

Powered by a large 3,670Wh battery. This impressive combination is double the power and capacity of most of our competition and allows for blistering performance, extended use, and huge value as standard. Compared to our closest competitor they provide a standard battery of 1,900Wh, about half of the X-Jet™ Xtreme’s. They then charge a premium price for their larger 2,900Wh battery which is still 21% less than the X-Jet’s.

Wireless Throttle and Balance Leash

The wireless throttle is effortless to use and gives a real sense of freedom, plus the forward leash makes the board super-easy to ride, giving extra control and comfort for long-distance riding or precise handling in tight turns and acrobatics.

The all new iAQUA X-Jet™ Xtreme… The world’s fastest, most powerful, and most versatile electric surfboard.

Body material 100% Carbon Fibre
Maximum power 20kW
Power levels – 4 25% Beginer
50% Intermediate
75% Advanced
100% Expert
Top speed 68kph
Battery voltage 72V
Battery capacity 3670Wh
Battery protected by LithiumVault™ Yes
Wireless remote/throttle Yes
Wireless remote/throttle charger Yes
Emergency magnetic kill switch/leash Yes
Balance/control leash Yes
Adjustable, multi-position foot straps 2
Fins (2 + 1 thruster system) 1 x Black central carbon fibre fin
2 x Red side fins utilising FCS 2nd generation fin mount
Operating Range 25km – 40km
Operating Time 40m – 1h 20m
Min and max typical usages depending upon rider weight, power level setting and sea conditions.
Charge time to 80% 2h 30m
Charge time to 100% 3h 30m
Fast battery charger included Yes
Board length 1800mm
Board width 630mm
Volume / displacement 60 litres
Max rider weight 160kg
Weight including battery 43kg
Weight excluding battery 23kg


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