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Nautic Star Soft 370mm x 600mm

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The Soft is a rectangular table with smooth rounded off edges. The sides have a slight raised lip which is 4mm. The centre of the Nautic Star Soft table has been carefully embedded with the classic nautic star adding a touch of elegance.

Available in twelve sizes.

Up to 1,500mm – 59″

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The Marine Teak Nautic Star Soft boat table is a beautiful, hand-crafted teak boat table of superior quality.

The Nautic Star Soft is a rectangular table with smooth rounded edges with the sides having a slight raised lip of 4mm. The center of the table has been carefully embedded with the classic ‘nautic star’ which adds a touch of elegance.

It is a high quality table with a simple design and great finish, making it an instant eye-catcher on any vessel and the perfect choice when looking for a boat table.

The Nautic Star Soft is constructed around a twice epoxy 12mm plywood core which gives huge strength to the table with 4mm solid teak slats applied to the plywood surface. A black caulking is used between each slat. This gives the table an overall depth of 16mm, not including the raised edgings.

The Soft is delivered to you in a natural state and is ready to be installed in your boat. However, depending on your needs or environment you may want to treat it – we strongly recommend the use of Semco Natural teak sealer.

The Nautic Star Soft is available in twelve sizes:

Millimeters Inches
370mm x 600mm 15.6″ x 23.6″
510mm x 750mm 20.0″ x 29.5″
510mm x 860mm* 20.0″ x 34.0″
580mm x 900mm 22.8″ x 35.4″
610mm x 810mm
24″ x 31.9″
665mm x 826mm
26.2″ x 32.5″
700mm x 800mm
27.5″ x 31.5″
510mm x 1200mm* 19.7″ x 47.2″
650mm x 1500mm* 25.6″ x 59″
720mm x 1000mm 28.3″ x 39.3″
800mm x 1220mm 31.5″ x 48.0″
1000mmx 1500mm 37.3″ x 59″

* The 650mm x 1500mm has a depth of 23mm.

* The 510mm x 860mm & 510mm x 1200mm tables will fit the Sealine F42/5 under seat and overhead lockers.

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370mm x 600mm, 510mm x 750mm, 510mm x 860mm*, 580mm x 900mm, 610mm x 810mm, 665mm x 826mm, 700mm x 800mm, 510mm x 1200mm*, 650mm x 1500mm*, 720mm x 1000mm, 800mm x 1220mm, 1000mmx 1500mm