Perfect for areas where you need to remove the table to create more space, this fixed height pedestal has a screwed ratchet system built into the base which makes an extremely secure mount.

To relocate the attached table, simply lift off the table top leaving the leg in place. To remove the leg, depress the button on the base and twist off.

This is a very secure mount for your new table and is supplied complete. There is no need to drill into your deck (except for the mounting screws) and when the pole is removed, leaves a very small footprint.

This pedestal is suitable for our complete range of tables up to and including our 1,000mm models. For tables over 1,000mm we recommend using two pedestals.

Overall size:- 685mm (27″)
Height of Base:- 15mm (0.6″)
Width of Base:- 178mm (7″)