SAS wheel clamp for your trailer or caravan with alloy wheels. The SupaClamp Duo wheel clamp is best for alloy wheels as the rear arm clamps onto the tyre. Wheel clamps designed specifically for steel wheels clamp directly onto the rim. The Supaclamp Duo will also fit steel wheels, however we recommend using a wheel clamp designed specifically for steel wheels.

Wheel clamp to fit 10 – 15″ steel rims and 160mm – 225mm width tyres. Maximum wheel nut diameter 19mm.

One-piece wheel clamp that wraps around the wheel and locks securely in seconds. This wheel clamp boasts of a high security steel encased lock and twin locking mechanism for maximum security.

The SAS wheel clamp weighs under 5kg, making it ideal for touring, but is still one of the toughest, robust wheel clamps on the market.